Wall clock Dropcase

Year of origin :1860Ellipse: HOME

Country of origin: America

Size in cm : Diameter 43, W= 13, H=78

Signed : Trade Mark

Clock face : Carton

Hands: Steel

Case: Oak carved und Walnut

Escapement: Hooke

Chime: 1/2 1/1 on One bell

Powered by: 2 Springs

Duration of run: 4 Days

Special features: To be wound anti clock wise



Wall clock Hood Clock

Year of origin :1710

Country of origin: England

Size in cm : W= 29 D 19 H 60

Clock face : Brass 175x175

Hands: One steel hand

Case: Oak

Escapement: Anchor

Chime: Alarm with verge escapement

Powered by: 2 weights and 2 counter weights

Duration of run: 30 Hours

Special features: one hand only, smoth brass face



Wall clock with Barometer

Year of origin :1880

Country of origin: Germany

Size in cm : 108x28x7

Clock face : White enamelled, Barometer und Thermometer

Hands: Steel Drop shaped

Case: Oak carved, Altdeutsch

Escapement: Balance wheel

Chime: Without

Powered by: 1 Spring

Duration of run: 1 Week

Special features: Clock, Barometer and Thermometer in one